This is a web-based, report-centric tool for coastal and ocean planners. It provides summary statistics and infographics for six main topics: general information, energy and minerals, natural resources and conservation, oceanographic and biophysical, transportation and infrastructure, and economics and commerce. National Viewer

This web-based viewer provides ocean-related data and information from authoritative sources to support ocean-planning efforts.


This tool allows users to interactively download U.S. vessel traffic data across user-defined geographies and time periods.

AIS Track Builder Pro 1.0

This toolbox converts vessel positions into track lines and track lines into a grid. Each grid cell reports the total number of times a vessel has passed through it. Input data can be in either a CSV format or an existing file geodatabase.

AIS Track Builder 3.1

This toolbox reads and converts a collection of point features into a track line. Input data can be either in a CSV format or in an existing file geodatabase. This tool is especially useful for processing Automatic Identification System (AIS) data.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Tools

Environmental Studies Program Information System (ESPIS)

This online tool provides easy access to more than 40 years of ocean science studies, information that is useful for informing policy decisions about outer continental shelf locations.

Marine Minerals Information System

This tool displays more than 30 years of offshore sediment data from multiple sources, including research funded by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. The tool provides public access to data and information relevant to offshore mineral resources.

Regional Ocean Partnership Portals

Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal

The Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal is an online toolkit and resource center that consolidates available data and enables state, federal and local users to visualize and analyze ocean resources and human use information such as fishing grounds, recreational areas, shipping lanes, habitat areas, and energy sites, among others.

Northeast Ocean Data Portal

The Northeast Ocean Data Portal provides free, user-friendly access to expert-reviewed interactive maps and data on the ocean ecosystem, economy, and culture of the northeastern United States.

West Coast Ocean Data Portal

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal links existing data systems together to provide an easy to use gateway to discover ocean and coastal data.

Gulf of Mexico Open Data Platform

The Gulf of Mexico Open Data Platform makes it easier for users to discover, explore, and access data for the Gulf of Mexico region.