Data Updates

New and Updated Datasets

Our team worked hard to get you another round of new and updated data sets. Clear your cache and explore the data registry and National Viewer to see all our available data. Visit our feature services page as we add new services each month.

  • Marine National Monuments
  • Offshore Mean Annual Windspeed 90 m
  • Federal Consistency Geographic Location Descriptions
  • Offshore Wind Planning Areas
  • Offshore Wind Energy Leases
  • Congressional Districts
  • Coastal States (with selected 2020 ACS values)
  • Coastal Counties (with selected 2020 ACS values)
  • State Legislative House Districts
  • State Legislative Senate Districts
  • Aids to Navigation
  • Coastal Barrier Resource System
  • Coral Protection Areas
  • Deepwater Ports
  • Lightering Zones
  • Navigation Channels
  • North Atlantic Right Whale Seasonal Management Areas
  • Offshore Wind Turbines
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Resource Potential
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Wells
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Active Leases
  • Power Plants
  • Principle Ports
  • Submarine Cable Areas
  • Wastewater Outfalls
    • Wastewater Outfall Pipes
    • Wastewater Outfall Facilities
  • Ocean Disposal Sites
  • Ocean Observing Sites
  • Offshore Wind Energy Leases
  • Offshore Wind Planning Areas
Map of the United States showing data updates